Agricultural settlements are a long-term problem for agribusiness.


The farmer is always taking on all of the ‘counterparty risk‘ – the chance that the buyer won’t or can’t pay.

AgriDigital created a blockchain for agricultural settlements – ensuring farmers get paid for their crop as soon as it get sold – and not six months later.

Emma Weston of AgriDigital joins us in studio

Land title registries will be using blockchain – once the various bureaucratic difficulties get sorted out. It might work something like this:

land title.png

Arianee is creating an asset registry for luxury items – very similar to the blockchain application described in the middle of the episode. Here’s a short video about what they’re up to:

In 2015, IBM and Samsung jointly announced their ADEPT initiative – to bring blockchain security to all of the connected devices in our world.

Here’s IBM’s whitepaper describing their goals for ADEPT – which could bring blockchain to almost all connected devices, numbering in the tens of billions:

IBM ADEPT Practictioner Perspective – Pre Publication Draft – 7 Jan 2015

The University of Melbourne has tested a blockchain-based solution to provide access to verifiable academic credentials.  Graduates can expect a system like this to be in common use within the next few years.