Episode 2.02 // FOLLOW THE MONEY

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) just made it harder to fund terrorists with cryptocurrencies – and made it safer for banks to trade them, changing the cryptocurrency business forever.

Roger Wilkins AO is a former president of the FATF.
Senior Policy Analyst at the FATF, Tom Neylan, worked with a team to develop recommendations (here’s a PDF of the full recommendation) that will make cryptocurrencies safer to exchange.


Businesses risk big losses accepting cryptocurrency payments. Do we need a ‘stablecoin’ that holds its value – or government ‘fedcoins’?


Havven is an Australian startup creating a ‘stablecoin’ on the back of a very well-subscribed ICO, raising USD $30,000,000 (closer to AUD $40M). Those funds serve as the surety so that their currency can be exchanged dollar-for-dollar with USD.


We spoke to Havven founder Kain Warwick about what it takes to create a stablecoin – and why people might want to use one.

Tether is the most well-known stablecoin. But it’s been devilishly hard to find an auditor willing to say Tether has an adequate store of USD:


Ecuador had a wild ride into and then out of a ‘fedcoin’:



But will stablecoins really work?  MIT Tech Review says ‘um…’