Episode 2.06 // BALANCE OF POWER

Congress strangles Libra in the crib, but Zuck’s secret weapon may be fear of the Chinese digital yuan. Geopolitics — and our expert panel with Mark Jeffrey and Robert Tercek!

Some interesting links:

The South China Morning Post on China’s blockchain plans – and why the US shouldn’t seek to thwart them…
Asia Times on Turkey’s forthcoming ‘digital lira’ – because why not?
Dovey Wan’s Twitter feed has lots of information about new crypto laws in China….


Mark Jeffrey and Rob Tercek join Mark to discuss the JPMCoin, Facebook’s crypto play, the collapse of QuadrigaCX – and are 95% of Bitcoins trades bogus?

Topics: JPMorgan Coin; Facebook might earn $20B from Crypto; Jack Dorsey dedicates efforts to open-source crypto development; report submitted to SEC on fraudulent Bitcoin trading; Ethereum Classic suffers a 51% attack; the QuadrigaCX drama – and more!

Robert Tercek and Mark Jeffrey in the PodcastOne studios in Beverly Hills.

The awesome Mark Jeffrey has a new series – “Crypto Explained Simply” that’s designed to teach you all about cryptocurrency:

Mark Jeffrey’s new series ‘Crypto Explained Simply’