CRYPTONOMICS LIVE: Revisiting Mark Jeffrey’s prediction

At the start of 2019, Mark Jeffrey boldly predicted that Bitcoin would eventually hit $250,000. At the time that seemed like a big call; given that Bitcoin passed USD $50,000 overnight, it seems not only within the realm of possibility, but perhaps shading into the probable.

We caught up with Mark today to hear his thoughts on where we are, how we got here – and what might be coming next:


A live-to-audience interview with Joe Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, and ‘godfather’ of the smart contract, tracing an arc from his college days at Princeton to founding ‘blockchain venture studio’ ConsenSys.

As Joe makes clear in our conversation, Ethereum is a process – not yet a product. Here’s the roadmap for Ethereum 2.0, which takes a lot of what’s been learned since the network went live in 2016 — and tries to fix its shortcomings.

Here’s a great interview with Vitalik Buterin – the other half of Ethereum’s founding team (Joe spreads the credit around more widely) about cryptoeconomics and more.

The “live” version of the Ethereum white paper, maintained on the Ethereum website – it’s an interesting read. Particularly when you remember that it was drafted by someone who was only eighteen years old at the time.

Huge thanks to both UTS and the City of Sydney’s Visiting Entrepreneur Program for their assistance in making this all happen!