Money is changing – evaporating into digital banknotes known as cryptocurrencies.

Let’s get ready for that new world!

CRYPTONOMICS explores and explains how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and the technology underneath them – known as the blockchain – are transforming finance, business and everything else touched by money.

CYRPTONOMICS shows you what makes it all tick – starting with an explainer of the blockchain so easy anyone can understand it.

The blockchain is the engine block of the crypto-economy, the foundation upon which all of it rests.

In episode one – BLOCKCHAIN BEGINNINGS – we learn what a blockchain is, and why it’s such an improvement over the tools we’ve used before.

In episode two – BANANAS FOR BITCOIN – we’ll take a look at the first and most well-known use of the blockchain – Bitcoin. Blockchain powers Bitcoin – and it’s is why people treat Bitcoin like real money.

But blockchains have many other uses – in agribusiness, insurance, even gambling.  In episode three – THE BUSINESS OF BLOCKCHAIN – we look at how blockchains – in everyday use, everywhere – are already transforming our world.

It’s not just blockchains that are popping up everywhere. We’ve seen an explosion in the number of ‘cryptocurrencies’ – all of them similar to Bitcoin, yet all of them just a little bit different.  In episode four – TOKENOMICS – we look at these ‘initial coin offerings’ and ask a big question – what gives a coin value?

We look at the latest innovations in episode five – SMART MONEY.  This blending of computer code with cryptocurrency creates money that truly does have a mind of its own – money that can make its own decisions.

In every episode of CRYPTONOMICS we hear from experts using this tech to do amazing things – reinventing agribusiness, energy, even gambling – and we’ll learn what it all means for the future of investing and the economy.

CRYPTONOMICS gives you the tools to evaluate any cryptocurrency investment: Is it real?  Is it wise? Is it a good investment?

You’ll learn the answers – helping you to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime transformation in finance.

CRYPTONOMICS: It’s the future of money.

CRYPTONOMICS is available at PodcastOne — or search “Next Billion Seconds Cryptonomics” in your favourite podcast app.