Episode 8 – CRYPTOPIA

Fanatical belief in cryptocurrencies lead to the perfect becoming the enemy of the good. Michel Bauwens takes us on a tour of what’s good.

Rob Tercek sat through a day of rally-style promotion of cryptocurrencies in Puerto Rico in February 2018 – and came away with a few questions.¬† Here’s Max Keyser’s talk at that event, which Rob found particularly disturbing:

Michel Bauwens’ P2P Foundation has been working to promote social uses of blockchain technologies.

Here’s a P2P Foundation post about “10 blockchain projects to keep an eye on“, including: The Possible Project and ShareRing. (ShareRing is Australian, so we do our best to have them on CRYPTONOMICS in our next series!)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Level One Project¬†promises to bring cryptocurrency and smartphone-based trading to the developing world.

Finally, the Regen Network, which sees in itself a complete rewriting of how we account for value in civilisation.

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