Episode 7 – GOOD BUYS

ICOs are risky investments – CRYPTONOMICS looks at how their pitches play on our wishes for a better world, to get us to part with our cash.

We heard about the Great Keppel Island ICO, and here’s the original press release I received on the 4th of September, 2018:


The Crypto Challenge Forum promises:

Blockchain and the Future of Humanity:
Economy. Environment. Ethics

Then we took a look at the white paper’s for two ICO’s we discussed back in Episode 4:

PowerLedger’s POWR token white paper: Power-Ledger-Whitepaper-v3

The Guardian Circle GUARDIUM token white paper: guardium_whitepaper_en-1.0.3

And if you want to have a peek at the Mark Pesce Token, go here

Sydney NSW, Australia

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