The opening story for episode two features the Global Digital Currency Conversation, and event held during the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane, bringing together together policymakers and digital currency pioneers. I gave the opening keynote:

The first coin comes from before 600 BC in Lydia:

lydian coin
This Lydian coin from approximately 660 BC is the size of a lentil.

Paper money is a Chinese invention.

Song Dynasty Jiao zi — the first paper money, approximately 1100 years old.

Bitcoin’s value – relative to the US Dollar – from its launch in 2009 through the present:

Bitcoin price 2010 - 2018

Back in 2013, Ron Tucker launched BitTrade – one of the first Bitcoin exchanges in Australia.

Later that same year Ron co-founded the Australian Digital Currency Association (ADCA), so that governments – who have a lot of questions and concerns about cryptocurrencies – have a peak body liaise with.


Ron Tucker mentioned the importance of cryptocurrencies in the developing world – here’s VICE reporting on the launch of ACOIN, which is meant to become the functioning currency for a whole Senegalese city.

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